Cheater Cheesecake

Sometimes, you just have to press the easy button. And this recipe was definitely easy. Like, did it on a Monday after a 6:00 kindergarten program and having a doggy play date.


I felt a little guilty since almost all of it was pre-made. But then I remembered it’s Monday. The weather has been beautiful. And I’m a teacher nearing the end of the school year and the kids are NUTS.

Not so guilty anymore.

cheesecake colage

All recipes came to the rescue with this Chocolate Berry No Bake Cheesecake. One bowl, no oven, easy peasy deliciousness with a no-egg batter that you can lick right off the spoon without any guilt.


Take that, Monday!



Thanksgiving and…threesomes?!

Thanksgiving came early at our house – my little sister flew from Utah to Omaha to meet my brother (living in Lincoln, Nebraska) to drive back home and surprise my parents! Neither of them can be here for Thanksgiving because of work so we decided to celebrate early


It was great! And it gave me an opportunity to bake these beauties


Black bottomed mini caramel pumpkin cheesecakes.

pumpkin cheesecake collage

Oh yes.

I doubled the recipe because my brother eats EVERYTHING and grandma wanted to try them so I needed to make sure I had leftovers.

But I have to admit – they didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Since I doubled the recipe, I needed 2 muffin tins. The cheesecakes in the new pan turned out beautifully. The cheesecakes in the old pan ended up turning into this


Despite my generous use of cooking spray, these little buggers stuck to the bottom of the tin AND ended up slightly overcooked. Boo! But instead of trashing it, I scraped them out and dumped it all together.

Hey, I’m not about to waste dessert!

By now I’m sure you’re wondering where the threesome comment comes in to play. No. I did not participate in one. No thank you. But this fine gentleman is offering:

I did NOT swipe right…

And I’ll also leave you with this. Maybe you’ll be as confused as I was…

lost in translation