Cauliflower Cravings

Have you ever had a craving so intense, so fervent, that all you could do was think about said craving until that hankering was satisfied? Or maybe it’s just a former fat kid thing…

Lately for me, that has been pizza. Pizza. Ooey-gooey, cheesy, melty, toppings piled high, aromatic deliciousness. (See? I told you I’ve been obsessed)

And then reality sets in. Carbs. Like crazy. And since I’ve been doing so well lately following a low/no-carb lifestyle, I really didn’t want to undo all my progress with a stupid piece of pizza.

Cue our culinary hero – cauliflower

Cauliflower substitutes for things like mashed “potatoes” and pizza crusts have been filling my Pinterest and Facebook foodie feeds. What better way to satisfy my pizza craving than with a cauliflower crust low-carb alternative? Problem solved.

I would also like to note that this pizza craving was so intense that I made said pizza on a Sunday morning. At 8am. After making a quick grocery run post-workout. Yeah. It was that bad.


But DANG it was delicious. Thanks to Katie Lee from The Kitchen for this tasty recipe. For my toppings, I had cheese (Wisconsin roots really show through here), Italian sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. Yes, bacon – who doesn’t love bacon?!


It was a protein-packed, low-carb delight. Definitely a keeper. S’mores even approved!



Love and Cookies


It’s been a while! But for good reason! My dating has stopped. Well, not really stopped I guess. I’m doing plenty of dating – but it’s just one guy. I’ve settled on one dessert! S’mores is quite wonderful. He gave me permission to post his pictures (but I’m keeping his name a secret. Plus I just love calling him S’mores…)


Aren’t we cute?!

20150124_121808 (1)

Call me crazy, but I’m going to marry this guy. Mark my words, internet world!

A few weeks ago, I made S’mores some bacon bourbon chocolate chip cookies.

Bacon bourbon

He approved


I’m not a huge bourbon fan, but they were certainly yummy! They actually smelled of bourbon more than they tasted like it. The saltiness of the bacon is the perfect combo with the sweet but tiny bit bitter dark chocolate


Beer, Bacon, and Boys

Let’s start off with the good stuff – beer. And bacon. Together? Heavenly!

I made beer candied bacon for a co-ed bridal shower this weekend. The results were to die for! Definitely a keeper. Check out my pictures below and you can find the recipe from Tide and Thyme here (I used Leine’s Oktoberfest)


Now for a boy update. Check out this winner I found on Tinder the other night


I wish I had thought of a snarkier response to his first message. After that, I didn’t respond. He unmatched/blocked me later that night. Fine by me! Good riddance.

Peach cobbler has been texting me quite frequently. He’s great at keeping conversation, but I found out he’s shorter than me. By about 2 inches. Gah. Shallow of me? Definitely. I don’t consider myself too picky, but when you’ve spent the majority of your life being bigger and taller than most, it’s nice to feel dwarfed every once in a while. But he’s not out of the running quite yet (I’m not that shallow…). He seems super nice and like a pretty cool guy. We’re hoping/planning to meet up sometime next week, and that’s the major determining factor in whether or not this will work.

I’ll just keep baking and swiping away…