Lost and Found

Well folks, it happened.

I have “found” some of the weight I lost. Somewhere in the ballpark of 10lbs. (Probably even more after this winter break….)

I know exactly where I found it. It was in the glasses of wine while chatting with friends. Date nights with S’mores when happy hour deals were just too good to pass up. It was in the multiple parties we’ve been invited to over the past months, sipping cocktails and eating “just one more” cookie. Moving 100 miles away and eating ice cream after unpacking because “I deserve it.” It was in the desserts I’d bake (and of course, eat) after an incredibly stressful and busy day trying to navigate a new workplace.

That’s where I found it. Dang you weight. I wish you were better at hiding.

It was much easier to lose weight in New York when I had no social life.

I know it may not sound like much (my clothes still fit thank goodness – just a little tighter) but as a FFK (former fat kid) and someone who worked SO hard to lose it, it totally sucks watching that scale tick higher. I do NOT want to revert back to the person I was before.

The eternal optimist in me knows that at least the weight I’ve gained is because I’ve been incredibly social and enjoying a glass of wine (or several….) with newfound friends and coworkers. Now to work on that whole self-control thing…

If I wouldn’t have met S’mores, I wouldn’t have gained the weight. Or maybe I would have. But if given the choice between him or losing that extra 10 pounds, I’d choose him. Every. Time.

New Year’s resolutions are so cliché but I’m going to do it anyway. And post it on the Internet for all to see. Here’s to a new year and losing weight – again. I mean, I lost 70 the first time so 10 or so should be easy…right?