Strawberry Cheesecake

Blank Space by Taylor Swift has been my jam lately

“Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane”

Well, my list of ex-lovers is incredibly short, but list of ex-dates is long. And getting longer

(I hope they don’t think I’m insane)

A few weeks ago, I started talking with a guy from Tinder – Strawberry Cheesecake. The best word to describe him? Nice. He was just so nice. 


One of my Tinder pictures is of me wearing my Superwoman Halloween costume, so bonus points for an original pickup line.

We had been talking casually for a few weeks. Super great guy! He actually likes his job (seems to be pretty rare I’m finding out), plays in a band, loves music, has a great sense of humor – what’s not to like? Finally our schedules aligned and we went on a date – dinner and a movie. He was as cute in person as his pictures (not as tall as I was hoping), maybe a little too soft-spoken for my tastes, but we had great conversation. Here was the problem:

I felt no spark.


I definitely thought he was attractive, but there was no attraction. Does that even make sense? But we had quite a bit in common and he was just so nice, I decided to give him another shot. We went out for dinner the next week.


It was like I was having dinner with my brother. We talked for an hour and a half over margaritas and Mexican food but at the end of the night I was just feeling “eh” about the whole thing. After the date, I didn’t think about him hardly at all, I wasn’t excited about him texting me or even wanting to text him. After much deliberation, I decided to be upfront with him because I HATE it when guys just stop talking to you. At least give me some closure!


He was SO NICE about the whole thing! I felt kind of bad. But like my dear friend Alison said “if you don’t want to touch his butt at the end of the night, he’s not the one”

I’ve got a blank space baby…


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