Banana Boo Boo

It was bound to happen eventually – a Pinterest fail.

Tonight’s attempt was chunky monkey blondies.

chunky monkey blondies

What I loved about the recipe was the fact that it was all mixed in 1 pot. Less dishes = happy Claire. I added some leftover pecan pieces I had laying around and decided to add melted peanut butter on top because who doesn’t love the combination of banana-peanut butter-chocolate?

The problem was baking them. I had them in the oven almost 15 minutes longer than the recipe said because the middle looked way too jiggly. But the edges started getting too dark so I pulled them out in hopes the residual heat would firm up the middle a bit.

The edges were actually servable – and quite tasty


The middle was a different story – a gooey mess of undercooked banana dough


Live and learn – my life is far from Pinterest perfect


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