Ok Creeper

When it rains, it pours.

For whatever reason, the last few days I’ve been flooded with new messages both from OkCupid and POF. Maybe people are feeling the pressure of bringing someone home to mom for the holidays? Whatever the reason, there have been some real doozies.

There are no words to describe some of these messages. But there are screenshots. And here are a few of my favorites

This guy creeped me out right off the bat

disney creeper

The first link was a link to a picture of his movie collection (actually quite impressive) and the second one is his pinterest account. Creepy.

This guy decided to word vomit his interests on me

far away

Why do I live so far away? Really? It shows you my location. Don’t message me if distance is going to be an issue


This guy thought he’d give it another shot. But I think he should’ve stopped after the first one…

movie date

Nope. Just nope.


This one was REAL weird. This was the most random POF message I’ve ever gotten



And I’ll save the best for last. Points given for persistence, but didn’t you get the hint after I didn’t answer the first time? Or the second time?!



I took this screenshot this morning. So he’s been trying to contact me for almost 2 months. Just give up already….


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