Interstellar movie…not a stellar date

Thursday night I got a really random Tinder message from someone henceforth known as gingerbread cookie.


I was intrigued. We matched a month ago but have never had a conversation. Any time a guy actually puts forth some type of effort instead of just a “hey” or “what’s up” I’ll respond. Bonus points for putting some thought into it! So I messaged back. We chatted for a little bit, nothing too spectacular. Then he asked what I was doing this weekend (I didn’t have much planned), which turned into this…


I figured, why the heck not? I hadn’t even heard of Interstellar (apparently it’s kind of a big deal? He was pretty shocked I hadn’t heard of it) but my Friday plans at that point consisted of sweatpants and Moose Tracks ice cream.

We met at the theater and he had already bought tickets online. Movies aren’t exactly conducive for first date conversation, but we did make some small talk before the movie started. I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned or too conservative, but I think when you first meet someone swear words should be out of your vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong – I can have quite the potty mouth. But when it’s your first encounter, I don’t think dropping the f bomb makes the best first impression.

The movie was pretty good but so long! The start time was 7:40 (with a million previews beforehand) and we didn’t get out of there until 10:45!

When we got out of the theater, he realized he didn’t have his wallet. He panicked and quickly turned around heading back to the theater – leaving me behind. I had to literally start jogging to keep up with him (he was taller than me so he has longer legs). I understand that terrible panicky feeling when you’ve lost something, especially your wallet, but he totally forgot about me in the process! He started looking in the third row – I was pretty sure we sat in the second row (and I told him that too). I calmly got out my phone and turned on the flashlight. Sure enough, second row, on the floor – I found it. He said “I knew I should’ve listened to you. Women are always right.”

Best thing he said all night.

He asked if I wanted to grab a drink after. Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling it and I was so tired, but I didn’t want to be a jerk since we didn’t really talk that much. So we went to a bar next to the theater. We were there almost an hour. Bad conversation? No. But nothing stellar (pun intended). Gingerbread cookie was nice, funny, but seemed really immature. He recently graduated and is currently looking for a job, but he didn’t seem to serious about it. He talked about how great partying was in college. Eh…not for me.

As we parted ways at the end of the night, he said “we should do this again sometime!” I gave a noncommittal “Um, yeah! We’ll see” and left it at that. I’m really hoping he doesn’t ask me out again…


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