Cupcakes and Coffee Dates

Happy Halloween!! We get to dress up at school so I went as Supergirl! Here’s my costume

The girls were a big fan of my tutu and shiny shoes. There was a lot of foot petting happening while I was reading story…

A couple weeks ago I was shopping with my mom at the dollar store and they had the most ADORABLE mini pumpkin cupcake liners. Of course I had to buy them and find an excuse to use them. I decided to make my chamber choir cupcakes and we had a mini Halloween party with our mini cupcakes. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself

20141030_185204  20141030_185158
spider webs!

20141030_171955   20141030_172010

I cheated and used boxed chocolate cake mix (so much easier) and my grandma’s buttercream frosting recipe. The ghosts were piles of frosting with mini chocolate chips for eyes and regular chocolate chips for the mouth. For the spiders, I just melted chocolate chips, put it in a plastic baggie (super fancy), and piped it onto wax paper. After a few minutes in the freezer I could peel them off and put them on the cupcakes.

While those desserts were successful, my date dessert was not.

Pecan pie. A non internet date – a set up from a friend of mine. She has been telling for a while about him, but I’ve always been with other desserts. She didn’t know much about him – he lives alone, he’s taller than me (bonus!) and he’s super nice. I figured why not? Worth a shot right? So she gave him my number and we planned to meet for coffee this morning. I had suggested a coffee shop out of town near a state park so we could go for a walk if we wanted. He’s a big outdoorsman so he was game for that.

We got our coffee and started walking. Let’s just say I can tell he lives and works alone. Conversation didn’t exactly flow between the two of us – it was pretty awkward and choppy. He’s definitely more into nature than I am – at one point he said he would love to buy a piece of land and live off the grid. Um, no thanks. I like nature, but not that much. Nice guy? Most definitely. My type? Most definitely not.

I won’t be going for seconds of pecan pie.


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