Baking therapy – 7 layer bars

Yesterday, I had my cranky pants on. I was crabby for no real reason. Today was better, but my last class of the day was my most challenging one. Low functioning, attention seeking, blurting out, active (but very enthusiastic) 2nd graders. So what’s a girl to do after a day like this?

Sweatpants on. Pandora up. Pinterest loaded. Oven pre heated.

Baking therapy.

My little sister has been asking for some goodies and requested 7 layer bars. So that’s exactly what I did. I (mostly) followed this recipe here. Best part of this recipe – I only dirtied 1 bowl, 1 measuring cup, 1 rubber scraper, and the pan I used to bake it. I didn’t actually measure the graham crackers crumbs – I used 1 package of graham crackers. And I guesstimated how much 1/3 cup was on the coconut so I didn’t have to dirty another measuring cup.


Yum! Hopefully the sis enjoys them!



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