Second helpings of peach cobbler

Peach cobbler and I had another date! On Friday, we went to the Fright Farm haunted house in Maplewood. It was actually pretty fun! But I must admit – it felt like we were in high school. We were surrounded by lots of giggly, shrieky, tweens and teens clinging to their awkwardly stoic boyfriends. We made friends with a gay couple behind us (they were hilarious! It was clear that the one of them had planned the date and the other one wasn’t too happy about it…) and chatted while we waited in line. When we got to the entrance, they asked us how many in our party so we asked the guys if they wanted to come with us – definitely a good decision. They were so funny! We had a great time. Then peach cobbler and I went to his cousin’s for a bonfire. All in all, it was a good date!

I’ve gotten a few OkCupid messages, but nothing worth responding to (I know…that sounds mean. But true. I don’t want to lead them on!). My Tinder game has slowed down – I think I’m being optimistic about peach cobbler – but I will leave you with one of my favorite conversations I’ve had the last few weeks. I think you’ll be able to guess why we’re not talking anymore….



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