Peach cobbler and the date that never was

Peach cobbler and I finally met! It was pretty last minute –


So we met for a drink after church choir. And it was good! We talked for almost 2 hours and conversation flowed very naturally. It took me a bit to get over the short factor (shallow, I know…) but when we’re sitting down it’s hard to tell. He’s worth another shot for sure.

Now let’s rewind to Monday. I received this message on Plenty of Fish


My tagline on POF is “my friends are getting married – I need a plus one” so I thought this initial message was super creative! Plus I LOVE The Office and Michael Scott’s “that’s what she said” jokes.  Points for him.

We messaged back and forth for a bit, and talked about the usual – jobs, where we live, hobbies, The Office, etc. Then he gave me his number. I had texted him hello, he texted me back. Pretty normal. On Tuesday, I got this


Flattering, but we had already talked about the fact that I don’t live in the cities and live in the middle of nowhere. I get up at 5am and spend my days with 5-8 year olds. Let’s be real: at 9:50 on a weeknight, I am in bed. And most likely already asleep. Going out in downtown Minneapolis on a school night? No thanks. I told him I’d take a rain check.


For whatever reason, I got a funny feeling about him. I had a feeling that we wouldn’t actually meet. He seemed too charismatic to be for real. And I was right.


We never met. I haven’t heard from him since. Oh well. Just another guy to add to my list…


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