Tinder moments gone wrong

Tinder has this lovely little feature called “moments.” It’s basically like a snapchat story – you can post a picture and it stays there for 24 hours. If your matches like your moment, they swipe right and you get a notification.

Some moments are better left unseen.

Personally, I’ve never posted a moment, but a few guys I’ve matched with have. Most of the time, they’re pretty innocent: pictures with their dogs, snapshots of their dinner, a photo of a beverage they’re drinking. These 2 ding dongs (who aren’t even worthy of dessert names) did NOT follow any of the above.

This guy seemed fairly normal. Nice, cute, posted normal pictures in his profile, and very sweet. We talked for a bit then he asked for my number. No big deal right? Wrong. He started texting me a lot and then got weirdly defensive when I didn’t text him back right away. Newsflash – I was at work. I can’t tell my kids “Sorry guys, I have to write a text message real quick.” Nope. Not happening.

max screenshot

But the real kicker for him was his Tinder moments. 99% of them were of him, shirtless, with the duck face, saying “anyone wanna party?” or “Who wants to grab a drink tonight? ;)” Answer – not me.

Then there’s this weirdo. Seemed nice enough, normal enough, then he posted a bunch of moments. OF HIS JUNK! I kid you not. Both clothed and (unfortunately) unclothed. NO THANK YOU! I reported him for inappropriate content. I should probably block him, but I find it kind of entertaining that he still thinks he has a chance:

nik screenshot
(Wednesday was pre-junk photos)

Maybe he thought the more i’s he put on the word “Hi” his chances would increase? Sorry buddy. You’re out.


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