Beer, Bacon, and Boys

Let’s start off with the good stuff – beer. And bacon. Together? Heavenly!

I made beer candied bacon for a co-ed bridal shower this weekend. The results were to die for! Definitely a keeper. Check out my pictures below and you can find the recipe from Tide and Thyme here (I used Leine’s Oktoberfest)


Now for a boy update. Check out this winner I found on Tinder the other night


I wish I had thought of a snarkier response to his first message. After that, I didn’t respond. He unmatched/blocked me later that night. Fine by me! Good riddance.

Peach cobbler has been texting me quite frequently. He’s great at keeping conversation, but I found out he’s shorter than me. By about 2 inches. Gah. Shallow of me? Definitely. I don’t consider myself too picky, but when you’ve spent the majority of your life being bigger and taller than most, it’s nice to feel dwarfed every once in a while. But he’s not out of the running quite yet (I’m not that shallow…). He seems super nice and like a pretty cool guy. We’re hoping/planning to meet up sometime next week, and that’s the major determining factor in whether or not this will work.

I’ll just keep baking and swiping away…


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